Raewyn Sangari

About Me
“We develop in the chaos. We develop in the messiness and the imperfections are actually what is beautiful about each of us. It’s what makes us unique.”

My Story

I always knew I was multi-passionate. As a teen, I excused it as another Gemini trait, but as I attempted to narrow down my college focus, it soon became clear to me that it went way beyond the surface of my astrological sign.

I knew I wanted to get a Journalism degree but I wanted to minor in business, psychology and women’s studies. A lifelong learner, I settled on just Journalism and women’s studies, but have taken many classes in all areas, even after graduating with my bachelor’s degree.

Post-college, I worked in no less than four different fields, all of which led me to where I am today. Always passionate about #grlpwr, I started Be a Warrior Queen in 2009, dreaming of building my audience to start an empowering magazine focused on self-love and sisterhood.

Over the years, my online friendships blossomed and when I had my daughter in 2015, I knew I could find a way to work from home. It was then that I dug deep into virtual assistance, copywriting and, eventually, founding Shield Sisters Initiative in 2016.






























My Values & Beliefs

Authenticity & Imperfections

As human beings, we are constantly molded by our environment and the people who surround us. Despite the influence of others, each of us hold truths in our hearts. Embracing my authentic truths alongside my imperfections is the only way I can live my life.

Kindness & Empowerment

Forever driven to love and support others, I am on a mission to be a part of organizations that empower and focus on living kindly. Volunteering and supporting nonprofits mean a lot to me. I’ve aligned myself with many organizations including To Write Love on Her Arms, Project Lead Kindly, Safe Haven, Bloggers Giving Back and more.

Flexibility & Sisterhood

Feeling passionate and inspired to action at the drop of a pin requires me to live life flexibly. As an extreme extrovert, I am always able to squeeze in any time that my sisterhood needs, without letting my client work or family life suffer. (Really, I just don’t require much sleep!)

Collaboration & Support

Throughout my time in the online world, collaboration has been at the heart of what I do. Through my beginning in the blogging world to all of the summits and collaborations I have since been a part of, I have learned the best ways to navigate business to business collaborations.

What if we approached it all with love, kindness and sisterhood?