Content Strategy Packages

As a small business owner, flexible pricing has always been important to me. Find your fit by taking the quiz or booking a call today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any type of content creation you don't do?

Yes, I don’t do video or audio editing. I will transcribe or read aloud for repurposed content.

Is there a limit to content each month?

Yes. The one-platform price includes up to 2 blog posts, up to 31 social media captions for up to 4 social media platforms, up to 4 newsletters or repurposing content for up to 4 base items. The multi-platform price includes 1 monthly blogpost, 2 monthly newsletters, and up to 31 social media captions for up to 6 platforms. 

What if I choose annual but things change within the year?

That’s okay, the reason that the payments are made quarterly is so that you can enjoy a discount without feeling trapped for a full year. All clients who celebrate an annual anniversary with me will receive a bonus on their anniversary. 

Do you do anything with video creation?

Yes! Book a call with me to discuss your additional video needs. Through stock videography and a number of tools I can easily make social media videos, Reels and TikToks in addition to your current plan.

Not ready to jump into any of these packages? That's okay!

I can still help you build relationships with your content strategy! Let’s get started with some free graphic templates & more 👇🏼