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Creating content can be overwhelming…

especially when you are trying to figure out where and how your post will be most effective. But here’s the thing – all of this is easier than it sounds!

You just have to remember that every day while working in your zone-of-genius there’s plenty of time spent on creating new ideas which could lead them down any number of paths.

that’s where i come in…

Hey, I’m Rae!

With soul talks, girl dates and coffee fueling my soul, I am a unicorn virtual assistant for high-vibe heart-centered mom entrepreneurs.  Believing the perfect client match is an important part of running a business smoothly, many of my clients come to me feeling scorned by past virtual assistants, unsure how to let go of the reins to let their businesses flourish. 

I truly believe that every woman is a strong woman capable of self-love, self-confidence and achieving the goals in the deepest corners of her heart.

I want you to connect instead of being perfect.

I want you to be authentic instead of curated.

I want you to be FUN!

That’s the part of SOCIAL media to emphasize.

So let’s unlock your connection.

I’m a multi-passionate world changer fueled by coffee, collaboration & #grlpwr