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Your visibility & your success depend on how you show up in the world – IRL and online on social media. If the know, like, and trust factor is important to your business, you’re going to need to be showing up online. Creating content doesn’t have to be hard…when you have a unicorn on your team. Let’s find the best way for us to work together:

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Content Creation

What in the world should you be posting and how can you show up in ALL the places in the most time efficient way? How can you stay in your zone of genius? With a unicorn on your content team.

repurposing content

Take old blog posts, podcast interviews, videos and even conversations & turn them into fresh content.

Graphic design

Graphic design is easier than ever with tools like Canva, but how do you stand out while following the popular image trends?

Social Media

One piece of content can be optimized across social media channels when focused on your target audience & the platforms’ algorithm.

email marketing

Connect with your audience where it matters – your email list. This is often the most difficult place for people to connect and sell.

blog posts

Blogging gives you searchability and authority, as well as increases traffic to your site.

your content strategy

Choose Connection Over Perfection

Your zone of Genius

Create content in the way that you create content best – video, audio, written or illustrated. You are the idea person with the knowledge of your industry. You don’t have to get bogged down in graphics, captions and blog writing.

My strategy expertise

With over 10 years experience as a social media manager for various industries, I know which trends to follow & when to be your authentic (possibly awkward) self! I take your content and turn it into a finished product that is ready for scheduling.

Your Support Staff

Scheduling content and posting at the best time can be one of the tiniest, yet most frustrating parts of your content creation. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can focus on connecting with your audience.


Content Creation Across Industries

The way that Raewyn explained the content and the PROCESS behind it-my Virgo Moon was VERY happy-it has enabled me to go away and to do the process myself. She has taught me valuable skills in our session and I know that I can always check back in with her with questions! Definitely something I will use in the future to plan out my quarters 🙂 Thank you for creating this!

Sarah Byrne

CEO, Sarah Byrne Wellness

Let’s put the social back in social media

Remember when MySpace, Facebook and Instagram were all about connecting with people and if you happened to make a sale it was exciting? Yeah, that’s my favorite era of the Internets. We were all just hanging out, making friends, and sharing awesome things. Inevitably, sales got involved and we began to grow our businesses organically…then everything became about paid reach and it all felt downhill.

It’s not. But when you are focused on the sales and ads, you don’t feel as connected person to person. Let’s get that back for you.