social media than planning out content

Posting consistently won’t get you amazing results. Yes, it’s important. But it isn’t THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Without a strategy, engaging content, relateable and shareable imags, the correct timing, all you  have is an account that posts uninteresting (or all over the place) content every day. That’s like going to the same restaurant every day, and only ordering a side dish.

Don’t get me wrong, I love side dishes and I’ll eat a bunch as a meal…but one side dish won’t fill you up or satisfy you. You need all of the pieces.

So how can you create content that connects, converts, entertains, reaches new people, grows your business, feels authentic and doesn’t cost all your time and money?

You stay in your zone of genius and you find someone who is magical to do the rest…just kidding!

You start with this free social planner. You’ll get a calendar template, space to identify trends and how you want to use them in your business, the important parts to include in your social media posts and more.