Collaborations are not scary. Building friendships and partnerships are not scary, though they can all seem that way when you lack the confidence to go out there and do it… but getting the confidence to collaborate isn’t as hard as it may seem.

I am always hearing (and giving) the excuse “I don’t know what to do to get from point A to point B, so I’m staying here at the starting line.”

Standing still is only going to lead toward exhaustion, while moving can lead to success (and probably still exhaustion, but that’s what coffee is for).

You can have the confidence to collaborate in your field. You have the ability to be a leader in your field. You can change the world. You just need to change your perspective.

These 5 thought processes will take you from your standstill and empower you to do something. So you don’t know how to get to point B? All you have to do is ask.  

Think of projects in high school.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with your awesomeness, so we’ll start slow with our confidence building. Some of us were those bossy do-it-all group leaders and others were content to quietly go with the flow, do their part, or do nothing at all.

Let’s embrace this for a minute and think about how you chose your group when you got to choose. Did you pick your friends or did you pick the people you knew would get shit done?

If you went down Adventure Path A and picked your friends, start your collaborations off slowly by pitching a collaboration to someone that regularly interacts with you.

If you were more ballsy and picked Adventure Path B, then you’re going to want our Pitch Kit to collaborate with anyone, no matter how big in the world they may be.

The beauty of the two paths is that you will eventually end up in the same place, especially if you continue to build your confidence as a badass biz babe. (Feeling the confidence to collaborate yet?)

Think of how you discovered your passion.

Do you remember the first time you felt that fire burning to do this? The ideas flew into your head and they didn’t stop coming. They demanded to be heard and you listened. With passion like that, you can get anyone to listen and, even, to work alongside you.

You’re a leader. You may not think that you are but I’m going to tell you right now you are. Your passion makes you a leader. That fire will not be quenched.

Are you feeling all fired up again? Great! Channel that into writing your collaboration plan. This is not the time for the roundabout lackluster description of what you do. This is your elevator speech.

Think of your role models.

Audrey Hepburn was insecure but you would never guess it from her movies and biographies. She was able to outwardly appear extroverted when really, she preferred to spend her time at home with her family and helping those around her.

We all get insecure and we all get starstruck over someone. Maybe you don’t fall for celebrities, but you have the biggest biz crush. Lemme tell you something, sweetheart: that biz crush didn’t get to the top of her business without collaboration.

Collaboration is the secret to success. Yep, I said it. Let’s repeat that one more time. Collaboration is the secret to success. 

All badass biz babes need a strong tribe of women supporting her and collaborating with her. No one can ever do it alone, and we don’t want you to!

Think of how much of a badass biz babe you actually are.

Do you keep a list of testimonials or compliments given to you? No? It’s time to start!! You are amazing at what you do and I know you’ve changed someone’s life along the way. Whether it’s a former colleague or your BFF, get those words and put them somewhere that you will see them often.

Some ideas include:

  • A framed printable.
  • Written on the mirror in lipstick.
  • Sticky notes – everywhere.
  • On a piece of paper in your wallet.
  • Your mood board.

While you’re at it, why don’t you start with this:

No one has the thoughts that you have. No one can do what you do. It might look like they are doing something similar, but it will never be what you create. Comparison is the thief, but collaboration is the answer.

Hence, the importance of building the confidence to collaborate. It’s more important than just being okay with who you are: it’s also about being okay with where you can possibly take your business if you let go and have a little faith.

Don’t think, just do it, girlfriend!

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